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Respondology removes toxic, spam, and bot social comments, protecting brands while increasing their sales. Removing toxic and spam comments from social streams will not only protect your brand equity but improve sales.

By getting rid of the noise, e-commerce companies are better able to engage with followers and convert customers discreetly as the troll continues to see his or her comments and thus is none-the-wiser.



Digital advertising that outsmarts, not outspends. Meet the high performing platform that connects advertisers with targeted audiences worldwide across Connected TV, Digital, and Mobile with the click of a button.



Respondology discreetly removes toxic, product damaging and spam content in moments from organic, influencer and paid social comment streams. A.I. Keyword Filtering + over 1k U.S.- based Moderators make it happen. Use the tool organizations across The NFL, NBA and NHL leverage to protect their brands, create a more welcoming social stream and global e-commerce companies use to increase sales up to 34%.





At Principia Analytics, we strive to understand the real stories and insights in your data so that we can drive results for your bottom line.

Whether you are using our patent-pending MTA model, CausedCommerce, our advanced attribution technology suite to measure attributed sales in major grocers, owned brick and mortar locations, and on Amazon, our Active Brand Lift platform, or our data monetization services you can be sure that we will continue to push and dig through the data to ensure your marketing works even harder every day. We have helped our clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental revenue and doubled a client’s eCommerce revenues on flat budgets. Discover what we can do for you!




Visiqua: Visiqua is a stand-alone performance marketing company hyper-focused on producing quality results for our partner brands, agencies, and clients.

Visiqua offers a series of products, including lead generation, CPA-brand awareness campaigns, CRM development, product launch support, owned and operated websites, and Clicks and Convert, a click-based marketplace for publishers and advertisers.



Modern marketers don't want ads, they want growth. We create shareable content and highly-engaging campaigns that turn audiences into advocates.

And because we combine strategy, creative, and full production capabilities in a single team, we do it faster and more effectively than you thought possible from an agency.